Nava Nalanda Alumni Association

Registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961 vide no: S/1L/79748 dt 29/04/2011

History of Nava Nalanda Alumni

NAVA NALANDA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION welcomes all the ex-students of the school to come together and establish network among Nalandites. It has been observed that, in the era of social media, almost all the batch-mates are connected among themselves over Facebook, whatsapp etc. NNAA gives you the common platform for all the Nalandites to connect across batches. Every student who had studied at least a year in Nava Nalanda, is entitled to become a member of the Nava Nalanda Alumni Association Many students will already be a part of their respective institution’s alumni schemes, but by also joining the NNAA, you can expand your global network further and increase opportunities for collaboration and co-operation. Membership details are available on the website along with the Registration form and with alumni in all and every corner of the world, you will have the opportunity to connect with people on a global scale, be it socially or professionally. As well as a way of keeping in touch with the School and each other, you’ll also be entitled to a range of programs and be kept up to date on alumni news and events happening worldwide.

  • Felicitation of School cricket team for commendable performance in city circuit.
  • Felicitation of students of Nava Nalanda. [Rank holder of HS, JEE, Secondary.
  • Get-together with the teachers.
  • Blood donation Camp in association with PLF, an NGO and Nava Nalanda Group of Schools.

Other initiative taken up by the association includes creation of various networking platforms among the beloved alumni of the school. Such initiatives include

  • Launching of a website
  • Creating a Facebook group Nava Nalanda Alumni Association
  • Maintaining a twitter handle of nnalumni for official communication @nnalumni
  • Communication through its official Facebook Page Nava Nalanda Alumni Association

The Association is open for membership and welcomes each and every student who studied at Nava Nalanda to be a part of it. With all of us coming forward and being together we will be a 10000+ strong group connected through the same umbilical cord – Nava Nalanda.

Ex Students Memories

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NNAA Office Bearers

Following are the office bearers of Nava Nalanda Alumni Association along with contact details.

Board Members and Executive Council Members 2017-2018

  • Vice President
  • Dr. Sushreema Dutta
  • Vice President
  • Dr. Sourabh Roy
  • Jt.Secretary
  • Arnab Ghoshal
  • Jt.Secretary
  • Dr. Dhiman Banerjee
  • Treasurer
  • Avra Ghosh
  • Asst.Treasurer
  • Alka Sheth
  • EC Member
  • Basab Das Gupta
  • EC Member
  • Shiv Sagar Shaw
  • EC Member
  • Saurav Guha
  • EC Member
  • Arinjit Mitra
  • EC Member
  • Suhana Mukherjee
  • EC Member
  • Avik Chakrabarti
  • EC Member
  • Subhajit Banerjee
  • EC Member
  • Tanmoy Ghosh
  • EC Member
  • Satadru Sen
  • EC Member
  • Urmi Bhattacharjee
  • EC Member
  • Aryabir Chakraborty
  • EC Member
  • Saikat Chatterjee
  • EC Member
  • Arindam Nag
  • EC Member
  • Saikat Sengupta

Our School – Nava Nalanda

Brief History of Nava Nalanda

The Nava Nalanda high school was founded in the year 1967 by a handful of enthusiasts who thought to share their values of life & rich culture of Bengal with the students of this era. It was a school that was made for the purpose of spreading knowledge & culture. Knowledge, which was not bound by text books and culture that shapes us as individuals and prepares us for our journey of life. Nava Nalanda not only taught us the courses of the curriculum but it taught us to be a good human being first. Today as we look back in our life, the school has given us so many things that it’s impossible to count. Even as we have been alumnites of other institutions, Nava Nalanda remains in each one of our heart as the most cherished alma mater.

In the year 1967, with the patronage of some eminent educationists, nine teachers embarked upon an ambitious project with 24 students of varying age group from 3 to 10 on 25, Southern Avenue. At that point of time the limit of the school was only up to class V. In the year of 1974 the first batch of students of the school appeared for Secondary examination. Within a short span of time, in the year 1980, the school name came up in the merit list when in the year 1980 ranked 4th in Madhyamik Examination. There was no looking back thereafter and the school went on to produce a bunch of brilliant individuals year after year.

The school has now spread its wings beyond the city of joy and Secondary level schooling. In 1991 the school started to spread its luminance in Shantiniketan, the abode of our greatest treasure Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore. In the year 2004 the school started its higher secondary edition too.

Apart from being one of the top educational institutes, Nava Nalanda has also got an excellent taste for culture, sports and other extra curricular activities. The extensive cultural influences of the school are visible in the fact that every year the school organizes extravagant function on Rabindra Jayanti, commemorating Rabidranath Tagore’s birthday. Annual cultural fests and sports events are organised every year for the students to showcase their extracurricular skills.

Founder Patrons

  • Late Ila Mitra

  • Sudhamoyee Dasgupta

  • Lady Pratima Mitter

  • Hon’ble Justice Dipnarayan Sinha

  • R.C.Dutta

  • I.C.S. Molina Dutt

Managing committee

  • Sri Animesh C. Dasgupta (President)

  • Sri Arya Mitra (Secretary & Rector)

  • Sm. Bharati Mitra (Headmistress)

  • Sm. Geeta Ghosh

  • Sri Hrishikesh Dasgupta

  • the Late Geeta Dasgupta

  • the Late Shantasree Nag

  • the Late Rathin Mitra

  • Dr. Supriyo Roy

  • Dr. Chitra Roy

  • Prof. Prasanta K. Ghosh

Founder Teachers

  • Sm. Bharati Mitra (Headmistress)

  • Sm. Uma Basu Mazumdar

  • Sm. Anita Roy

  • Sm. Moitreyee Dutt

  • Sm. Ratna Bhattacharya

  • Sm. Deepanwita Das

  • Sm. Subha Halder

  • Sm. Sulekha Bose

  • Sm. Chandrima Bose

The oath

Now we take vow

As Students of Nava Nalanda –

Victory will be our aim,

An evergreen outlook we will possess,

Never will we nurse grudges,

A brighter tomorrow will be our goal,

Love we will offer to every soul,

A path of peace we will tread,

Novel notions will be our friend,

Devotion is our ideal

And confidence will be our identity.